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logo.jpg  Certified Home Inspectors, LLC  Has the training and experience to provide you a thorough and accurate inspection, having provided thousands of Home Inspections. Over the years we have become one of the leading Home Inspection Companies in the Nation. This has been accomplished by providing through and accurate ASHI inspections, while providing critical information to allow our clients to make "educated" decisions to purchase or not to purchase a property

David Haught and Certified Home Inspectors most important service is providing you PEACE OF MIND when purchasing your new home.

The decision to purchase a home is a large financial investment,  insuring you are not putting your financial future in Jeopardy is important! To protect your  future you should have your home inspected to detect any major defects.

The decision to purchase a home may be the largest financial investment you will make during your life. If you were purchasing a car, stocks & bonds or a business you would have professionals research the investment prior to making a decision. It is only prudent to do the same when making your largest investment. It makes sense to hire an experienced professional ASHI inspector (American Society of Home Inspectors) with the best credentials. (See professional credentials)  Everyone you have dealt with so far has something to gain if you purchase the home, your REALTOR’s Broker, your REALTOR, the seller’s Broker, their REALTOR, and the mortgage broker all get a commission when you close the sale, and nothing if you don’t!  Unlike them I get paid at the inspection whether you purchase or don’t.  YOU NEED SOMEONE IN YOUR CORNER is less than 2 tenths of one percent for a $200,000 dollar home. (Less than $450.00!) (it is even a smaller percent for more expensive homes.) The sellers typically will spend 6 to 8 percent. (7% of 200,000=$14,000) to their REALTOR list their home. As you can see the cost of a home inspection is very modest.

Why do some Home Inspections cost more than others? The home inspector only has 3 things to sell. 1. Their Time. 2. Their Knowledge, Experience and Professional Credentials.  3. Their Professional Independence & Ethics.  1. The typical Home Inspection should take from at least 2 to3 hours, depending on the size of the home. We don’t limit the time we spend on an inspection. We will spend all of the time necessary to provide a thorough and accurate inspection and insure ALL of your questions are answered and until you feel comfortable with your decision. 2. Some home inspectors have only been in the business a couple of years, preformed few inspections and only meet state education minimums. David Haught has performed thousands of inspections during his career and during the last 4 years has had over 350 hours of formal classroom continuing education. In addition to taking classes Dave has taught Home Inspectors across the United States, at national conferences and at ASHI’s Leadership schools. Compare the professional credentials when selecting your inspector. 3. Most of our inspections come from referrals from our clients. Our future is not dependent on making any Realtor "happy".  We do not grandfather any safety issues, and at the end of the inspection we will review our finding and I will tell you 1." I would let my kids purchase this home." 2. "I would let my kids purchase this home, only if the following items are repaired." 3. "I would NOT let my kids purchase this home.  

In addition to a thorough and accurate home inspection, we take the time to show and explain the operations of your new home. We are here to educate, and answer any and ALL questions you may have about your new home. This service is Not just during the inspection or when you receive your typed report but for as long you own your home, it is free consultation services most other inspectors charge hundreds of dollars. 

Your typed report is entirely about YOUR new home, it does not contain preprinted "filler pages" most reports are from 70 to 120 pages long and contain many full color photographs. In the report you will receive 3 summaries, 1. Repair & Replace 2. Safety 3. Maintenance Issues. You DO NOT have to deal with massive e-mail downloads. Your report is on a secure server and you will have the ability to print, download or forward the report to whomever you wish. Plus your report will be saved on this secure site for at least 7 years.  

We support using a FULL SERVICE PROFESSIONAL REALTOR by giving you a $25.00 DISCOUNT…. Ask your Realtor for your Discount Card.

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